Providing Tools to Encourage Total Development
Primary Education With a Goal of All Children Achieving Literacy.
Enhancing Self-esteem, In a Safe, Secure Environment.
A Learning Community
Learn to Love and Love to Learn.. We Rise Above!
Realizing Potential

Our Mission is to provide a primary education with a goal of all children achieving literacy. We provide children with the tools to encourage their total development, enhance their self-esteem, and realize their potential in a safe, secure environment.

LES Updates

Our children are here to stay. But our babies are not, I'm sorry to say. They grow and learn everyday. In the most remarkable and intriguing way.

We watch and admire our children so young. Hoping someday they will go to be strong. Wisdom and integrity are a hopeful thought too. Their brilliance is amazing that much is true .. © Crystal K. Acerrio  

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Sierra Schools Foundation

Enhancing student learning; promoting strong teaching; and strengthening academic, social, and cultural programs, the foundation raises funds and is accountable to parents and the wider community. Support The Roots & Boots Initiative. sierraschoolsfoundation

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About LES

We strive to keep our students engaged. Field trips, musicals, plays. Loyalton Elementary serves grades K-6. Our school is located in the City of Loyalton, adjacent to Loyalton High School. Our Children come from Vinton and Chilcoot in Plumas County, the rural areas of Sierra Valley, and the City of Loyalton.

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